Here at MOXY, we are all about mindset and manifestation. We believe that with a healthy and intentional mindset you can accomplish just about anything. Did you know that when you are functioning with a scarcity mindset, your intelligence diminishes by up to 31%? That is a huge number that can affect your productivity, purpose, and how successful you are at reaching your goals. Just a simple shift to a mindset of optimistic abundance can ensure you don’t fall victim to that 31% freefall. Let’s talk about how!


Scarcity vs. Abundance

A scarcity mindset is one that focuses on the lack of resources such as time, money, attention, or energy. The hard truth of a scarcity mindset is that our intellect and our ability to make good decisions are adversely affected when we feel like we have too little. We make poor decisions in this mindset which affect our confidence, which then leads us to even more poor decisions. It is a catch-22 that leaves us feeling unfulfilled and focused on what we are lacking. 
While a life without limits is also a slippery slope, dwelling on what is missing from your life will ultimately leave you feeling like you are out of control and without potential. 

In contrast, a mindset of optimistic abundance can lead you to better decisions with more opportunities for success. When you focus on possibility, you can see a future that outshines your current circumstances. When we let go of the stress associated with focusing on scarcity, our brains are able to focus instead on making plans, seeing possibilities, and seeking opportunities. This way of thinking quite literally helps your brain function at a higher level, making you measurably smarter!

How to Get to a Mindset of Optimistic Abundance

This concept sounds like it should be an easy one to adopt, right? That is not always the case though. Shifting from scarcity to abundance can be challenging if you are surrounded by obstacles. Life is not always fair or kind, particularly to those who perceive that life offers them fewer resources and opportunities. It can be hard to not only focus on the bare minimums of what you need to get by. The key is to practice a different mindset when you are able, and break the constant loop of remaining in a scarcity mindset. 

Here are some effective ways to introduce a mindset of abundance into your life:

  • Focus on what you have and practice regular gratitude. 

  • Train your mind to recognize opportunities and seize them when they arise.

  • Surround yourself with others who also practice a mindset of abundance.

  • Seek opportunities to collaborate and share experiences with others.

  • Practice kindness and be of service to people around you.

  • Use affirmations to motivate and encourage yourself each day.

    There is no magic pill that will flip the switch from scarcity to abundance, but when you start practicing, you will see the results of that effort in your everyday life. This focus on a positive mindset will be a recurring theme in the topics we discuss within the MOXY community. Stay tuned as we will talk about motivation, moving from scarcity to abundance, and living a life based on principles of positivity in future articles.
    December 07, 2022 — Wendy Parker