How to bend over and squat with confidence in leggings!

You may remember years ago a leggings manufacturer made black leggings that were see through when women bent over. The news of this went far and wide with the company scrambling to quell the bad press. The problem that caused this faux paus was material thickness, it was too thin.

This only highlights what a lot of women think when wearing leggings. Am I showing?

There is no short answer to this. All leggings are see through to some extent. The real question is how see through and what can you do to make sure you are not showing. The answers to these questions will be in fabric thickness, fabric color, type of fabric, and even what you wear underneath.

If you hold any fabric up to the sun you will be able to see light through it. How much dictates how possible it is to be see through. 

Fabric Thickness & Type

The most obvious factor is fabric thickness. Fabric can be too thick for leisure activity but it can also be too thin, possibly causing embarrassing moments when out in public. Optimally you want the fabric to be thick enough to not be see through but thin enough to be comfortable and breathable during workouts. Stretch is also a factor with visibility so sizing is extremely important. Too much stretch and the fabric becomes more see through so make sure your leggings are sized properly and not too tight.

We use premium fabrics that are super soft and have plenty of stretch to keep you comfortable. Our leggings are the perfect thickness to keep you covered even when squatting, yet thin enough to be breathable and comfortable.

Fabric Color

Fabric color is also a huge factor. Color can disguise or completely cover what is underneath the fabric. Black being the most covering color and white being the least. We use color and patterns extensively to this effect. Our bright and bold patterns will be very hard to see any other colors underneath the pattern.

What you wear underneath the leggings also matters. White and light color patterns tend to hide less which is why we recommend white or nude panties. Even with that, if you wear white leggings and have a dark tattoo on light skin you might be able to see it through the leggings. This can also happen with white jeans. We have all seen someone at some point wearing white jeans with a visible tattoo or even bright colored panties showing through. 

What it boils down to is be aware of what you will have underneath your leggings and choose your leggings appropriately for the occasion. Our leggings are no compression and medium fabric thickness for comfort. With the right size and pattern you will look your best while staying ultra comfortable!

Geniva F.

November 14, 2021 — Geniva Flanagan