We are all so busy these days, right? Our days are consumed with our jobs, school, chores, errands, commuting, and time with friends and family. Not to mention all the time we take to eat and sleep. Sometimes it is hard to find the time to fit exercise into your day when everything feels like a priority. Rather than move the exercise lower on your list, try some of these tips to sneak bits of physical activity into your day, between all the chaos. 

Sneaky Exercise at Home

Getting some extra activity into your routine at home can be easy if you get creative with your time and space. Our favorite way to add some resistance exercises to our day is to utilize the time when we are waiting for something to do squats and lunges. Sneak in a few while you are waiting for the microwave to finish, the water to boil, or on hold with the cable company. Anytime you find yourself waiting idly is an opportunity to do 10 quick squats you would otherwise never have done. 

Workout at home

Another great option for moving more at home is to put essential items upstairs (if you have stairs) or on the other side of the house. Leave your phone charger, headphones, chapstick, or water bottle upstairs on the weekends. You will find yourself making extra trips and getting those steps in without even realizing it.  

Doing your weekly cleaning or laundry? Turn on some upbeat music and dance while you dust or fold your socks. The extra movement does your body good and dancing is amazing for your mental health. Get your heart rate up by setting a timer to complete cleaning tasks. You’ll move faster when you’re on the clock - and even faster if you make it a competition with your partner or kids.  

Sneaky Exercise at Work

Slipping extra physical activity into your work routine is all about choices. Choose to park farther away from the entrance or get off the bus or train a few stops early to walk the remaining distance. The old-school option of taking the stairs instead of the elevator is another easy choice to get some great glute work into your day. Lucky enough to have a long lunch break? Use 15 minutes of it to take a walk around the block or parking lot. 

Some of the most fun ways to get activity into your workday are to add some gadgets to your space. An under-the-desk cycle is an amazing way to keep your legs moving while working. This is not only great for calorie burning, but it will help reduce swelling in your feet from sitting at your desk for long periods of time. Consider adding a standing desk to your office to get yourself out of your seat and create opportunities for more movement. Upgrade that standing desk with a slim treadmill and you are on your way to some serious step upgrades.

Standing desk

Get some resistance bands and keep them at your desk. You can use them when you are on a long call or doing something that does not require your hands. Do 10 sets here and there and before you know it you have done a whole resistance workout throughout your day. 

Hitting the gym or taking a nice long walk or run is always the best way to get exercise and increase your heart rate. But when you are super busy and struggling to find the time to commit to an extended workout, remember these tips and sneak a little extra movement into your busy routine. 

February 22, 2023 — Wendy Parker