What is On-Demand Manufacturing and why should you care?

Did you know up to 75% of manufactured clothes and materials by large corporations end up in the landfill?

On-Demand manufacturing is the solution. We use high tech facilities to manufacture our products on demand which means minimal waste. This has many benefits for consumers but also for the environment. Not only are landfills not filling up with clothes. The quick turnaround from design to sale allows us to take consumer input and turn it into products overnight.

Large manufacturers rely on planing up to a year ahead and then producing large quantities of items at the cheapest cost. This involves using low cost labor in 3rd world countries. After the season is over, anything that doesn't sell goes to the landfill. In years past that has been up to 75% of some retailers clothing. This is a huge waste not to mention an unethical practice.

We don't believe in low quality, high waste manufacturing. Our model is high quality low waste. When you purchase from SunDawg your item is manufactured and especially sewn together for you by one of our seamstress. We use the highest quality materials and utilize manufacturing facilities the USA, Mexico and Latvia. Your shipping address will determine where your item is manufactured from.

Geniva F.

November 11, 2021 — Geniva Flanagan