What to wear under leggings and 1 big no no!

The whole point of leggings is comfort, right? When you get the right pair in a pattern you love and the fabric is like butter against your skin, it can be a little slice of heaven. The last thing you want to do is ruin the experience with the wrong underwear.

Since comfort is the biggest factor you should always choose what is most comfortable to you, regardless of others opinions. After all that is what it is, an opinion.

On to the options!


Of course we are going to talk about thongs. Some women love then, some hate them. The one guarantee is that there will not be any panty lines. However, you might sacrifice some comfort for this. Many woman argue your underwear is heading that direction regardless so might as well wear something that you are not trying to pick out of your crack!

Thong underwear does come in a bunch of styles and types, some more comfortable than others. The goal is to find some that fit you well and are as comfortable as could be. The best ones I have found are the seamless kind. They are very comfortable and less material to bunch in your privates. My number one choice is always nude seamless thongs. It is the best of all options for no show comfort.

Not a big fan of thongs? There are other options so let's move on!


Bikini cut underwear is another option. These will usually show under leggings as the dreaded panty line. If you are OK with that then go for it! There is no reason not to be comfortable. If you go for this option I would recommend trying some seamless panties. Even though the panty light is directly in sight there is a good chance they may not show. Unless you choose bright red panties under light color leggings in which case all bets are off. I will discuss more about color choice later.

Boy Shorts:

Boy shorts are becoming more popular as they don't climb into your privates like most other underwears do. Not to mention, they stand a better chance of not showing panty lines like traditional bikini underwear. Once again, the seamless version of boy shorts are the best option for no show possibilities. There are no guarantees though so if you are going for no panty lines, always check yourself. Thongs are still the best bet.


I would not be able to talk about not showing panties under leggings without talking about color. Without exception white and nude are always the best options for no show. Especially under light color or white leggings. Darker leggings allow for more color options but be careful, always do a squat test. The last thing you want to do is wear bright color panties under white or light color leggings, they will always show. Even bright color panties under white jeans is a no no, why would you do it under white leggings? Unless you want to show your undies?

In The Buff:

The last option for undergarments under leggings is, you got it, nothing. You can have all the silky buttery soft wonderfulness to your entire lower half. This to many, including myself, is the most comfortable option. It is not a problem when working around the house or just having a leisure day with no company. The goal is to be as comfortable as possible.

There are some risks and don'ts attached to going without undies... 

Big No No:

Now here is the big no no. Please don't go in the buff under leggings out in public especially to places like the gym, yoga or any other place you will be doing physical activity. Worst case scenario you are wearing a light color and start sweating then your privates might be on public display. Not to mention the possibility of camel toe, which underwear protects you from. That being said, there are some scenarios where you might get away with going fresh and free without being noticed. However, it is not recommended because you are taking a risk.

It is best to keep the in the buff at home.

Self Check:

Always, always self check before you head out of the house. Bend over and look at your privates. It's not weird, they are your privates and should remain so. What is weird is going out in public showing your privates making them public. Better yet, bend over in front of a friend an ask if they see anything. This is still less weird than showing your privates to strangers.

Whatever your choice, do what makes you feel comfortable. It's your body and you live in it. Love yourself and I hope you enjoy your leggings!

Geniva F.

November 12, 2021 — Geniva Flanagan