Our Mantra: Love For Life

Our mission is to empower women to live their best life through health and wellness. Yes we sell activewear, but that is only to support our mission. We are building a community of women who want to take charge of their life and there are plenty of opportunities to participate. 

What's Your MOXY?

You may have seen ads or other media asking this question, so what gives? Your MOXY is the attitude you bring into the world. It's your superpower. It is the value you have and is your greatest asset. Not everyone knows what their MOXY is, so we partnered with Sally Hogshead to offer her primary fascination advantage test for free. You can take it my clicking the link below, no strings attached.

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What's This Community Thing About?

Our online community is free and supports our mission of helping women live their best life. The BE WELL + BE GREAT  community is a space for women to challenge themselves to grow mentally and physically with the guidance of our coaches and support of each other. Once again, this is a free resource for anyone who wants to take advantage of it. 

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  • Friends who are working on their health

  • Coaches who can help you on your journey

  • Chances for FREE activewear

  • Challenges designed to help you grow

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We recommend starting with the 21 Days To Better Habits Challenge. After all, nothing is going to matter if you stick to what you want to do.

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