Thank You For Your Interest!

First, we want to thank you for your interest in partnering with us! We have been overwhelmed with interest from amazing women like yourself and we wish we could partner with every single one of you. Hopefully in the future we can. In the meantime we do want to give you some gifts as well as tell us a little about who we are.

What We Are Not

Might as well get this out of the way... we are not a just for profit company and we certainly do not work with influencers who just want to get paid without genuinely wanting to help others. If all you care about is getting paid then you are in the wrong place. Hate to say it but it needs to be said. A lot of influencers are all about the money.

Still Here?

We are here to help women live their best life by promoting a healthy lifestyle, not only physically but mentally. Yes we sell activewear but only to support our mission. We strive to be a health brand first and activewear second. To accomplish this we are working to build an online community of women and coaches to lead women on the way to health.

One of ways we are working to help women is showing them their own unique value. We partnered with Sally Hogshead to offer her primary advantage quiz free to our community. The quiz will show you how others see you, or what we call your MOXY. This advantage is how you present yourself to the world and is one of your greatest assets.

As a gift, take the free quiz here!

Do You Connect With Our Mission? Keep Reading...

The women we partner with will be a key component to supporting our mission and growing the community. We strive to only partner with woman who believe in our mission and genuinely want to help others. We will be bringing in more partners every month that we think are a good fit. Things we look for are positivity, ability to inspire and alignment with our mission. We do not count followers. We do look at your message. Our best influencers have been under 20k followers. It's not the size of your audience that counts, it's the genuine sincerity of your message. It takes someone who cares to build an engaged audience.

Our partners also get too...

Choose Your Benefits

Our partners can choose how much they benefit by deciding how they participate. You can take advantage of as many of the below benefits as you like. Some you can benefit from without even being an official partner.

  • Be a cheerleader for other woman. Participate in our community and help other women grow. We be believe in giving more than you receive. The more you give the more you will find your life is enriched. We also randomly give free activewear to participants who act in a way that deserves reward.

  • Want to coach? We will be allowing a limited number of coaches to teach their expertise within the community. Coaches will be featured on a rotating basis not to overwhelm community members. If you want to host a challenge let us know. You may just gain more clients! We will also be launching a private mastermind with other coaches for coaches learn and grow together.

  • Like FREE activewear? When we bring a partner onboard their first pair of leggings are free. After that there are multiple ways to get free activewear including but not limited to... sharing your partner discount code and earning credits, working with us develop content, and hosting challenges for the community. For non-partners we do also have random giveaways in the community for nothing other than goodwill. A good way to get on the partner shortlist is to show us what you are made of. 

  • Earn commissions! By sharing your partner discount code you not only earn credits towards activewear, you also earn 20% commission while your followers get a 15% discount. If your followers sign up for a  subscription you will receive monthly commissions as long as they are subscribed.

  • Be featured in MOXY media! We use all of your content in media but we also try to make sure you see as much benefit as possible. Wherever possible we will tag and link your social media accounts anywhere we use the content you develop with our brand.

  • Help test and design future products! We rely on partners and the community to help decide the direction of our products. We are currently in talks with manufactures to add seamless leggings to our product line. Partners and even some non-partners (get on the partner newsletter below) will be the first to test and give feedback on all new products. Have a print leggings design you are dying to make? Let us know, we would love to work with you to design a pair of leggings that speaks to your soul.

We Invest In People Who Invest In Others

It's all about our mission. We want to help women live healthy lives and we will invest as much as possible in others who are investing in other women. We are a small business so funds are limited but you will find we invest in our people as much as possible both mentally and financially. We believe if you invest in your people that trickles down to customers, giving them the best experience possible.

So ask yourself, do other companies do this? What companies do you invest in with your $$? How do they treat their people?

We strive to be different!

Ready to get going? Here's how to start. Even if you are not an active partner you can still participate! 

First join our partner newsletter. We send out regular updates to this list including when we are open to adding partners, possible collaborations, special media requests as well as community and coaching news. If you want to work with us this is the list to be on. FYI, this is not a marketing newsletter. If you want to see our marketing then you can always sign up for that in the footer below.

The next best way to get started is to join our community. Be a cheerleader for others, participate as much as you want and possibly even get free leggings for your participation.  

Join the Be Well + Be Great Community 

We Promote From Within!

We love to promote and hire from within. If you are participating within the community, getting the partner newsletter, possibly even hosting challenges and working with us on media you have exponentially increased your chances of working with us long term. We reward effort.

Have questions? Contact us at or DM us on IG @moxyactive

WOW, You Made It To The Bottom Of This Page

Congrats! You actually read everything and care enough to be here. Here is another gift for your perseverance. You can use discount code X21AYX for $40 off any pair of our print leggings. By using this code you are getting leggings at the same it costs us to produce them. We make no money when you use this code, we actually lose money. This code is limited to people on the partner list and good for one purchase. We do this because we can't have a $40 gift code being shared all over the internet.

Unable to swing a purchase? No problem!

There are plenty of opportunities for get your foot in the door without spending any money, but it will take a little effort. We wish we could give away more free leggings but do not have the funds for it. We structured our business in a way to build a community and actively share profit after we build value to our customers.